Data Analytics and Reporting

Key Features

100% Cloud Based & SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model
Work from the Cloud! Alpha Hire™ uses Cloud Technology which is made for the modern staffing industry. Work anywhere, anytime, without the constraints of local software. All you need is an internet browser and an internet connection, that’s it! Pay nothing for server maintenance, and keep costs low. Fixed price software is expensive, and may need costly updates in the future. We boast 99.99% uptime as your data is safely stored and backed up at a remote location. We have disaster recovery services available in case of data loss, and were constantly improving our software with updates available to you at no additional cost.
Function in Adjunction
Recruiting software comes in many shapes and sizes, and can be very complicated and overwhelming. With most of the full integration software on the market, you lose functionality from having to use their software’s modules even if you don’t want to. Gain back control. Alpha Hire™ is fully customizable software that works in supplement to products like Microsoft ® Outlook, ADP, and Quickbooks™. It imports/exports e-mail, time cards, and invoices right to where they need to be.

Why try to self develop e-mail clients and other software that are less efficient and have less features? Products like Outlook already work great and people are used to using them. We’re in the staffing software business, not the email business. We developed Alpha Hire™ to work in conjunction with tools staffing operations are familiar with. We stick to what we do best. Automating the recruiting process, and constantly working towards making Alpha Hire™ the quickest, most efficient, and best staffing software on the market.

Alpha Hire’s™ Multi-Tenant Functionality lets you manage multiple companies from one location. Our Product allows you to manage and track operations for each company separately, but use one common database for all your resumes. This is allows for each company using the Alpha Hire™ platform to keep private data separate, and share relevant data for optimal results. Your resume data is only available to your company or companies and is always kept confidential
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Boolean Text Search
Alpha Hire™ uses a Boolean Text Search to provide you with the most accurate search results, and to automatically select the top candidates for the job. Text search allows you to search all text within candidate profiles, candidate resumes, documents, and notes instead of just text fields. Also search by:

• Job Number
• Job Status
• Client
• Date Added
• Job Title
• Category
• City or State
• Recruiter

Candidate Profiles & Resume Parsing
Alpha Hire™ automatically parses all resumes for any info necessary to create Candidate Profiles with no manual intervention. All documents related to a candidate are stored within their profiles, and they are all subject to text search without having to open them individually. Candidate Profiles also have an audit trail with number of past submissions, placements, and work info.
Alpha Hire’s™ number one asset is our Smart Automation Technology. Automation is what allows us to make our clients operate as quickly and efficiently as possible. The following list includes a few aspects of the staffing process that we automate:

Auto Real Time Capture of Job Orders - from the VMS, Manual Entries, and other sources
Auto Job Assignment - through Custom Rule Engine to assign to recruiters and suppliers
Auto Real Time Notifications - to recruiters of new job assignments and acct. managers for candidate approval
Auto Text and Email - to candidates of interviews and placements
Auto Invoicing- Based on approved weekly time cards captured from customer portals / manual entry. Invoices automatically sent to client for billing
Auto Payroll- Automatically send timecards to ADP or any other payroll system
Auto Reports- 20+ reports instantly available. Reports such as Recruiter Efficiency Evaluation, Account Manager Reports, and Business Operation Intelligence
Auto Parsing- Resumes automatically parsed for all contact info, qualifications, and more
Auto Profile Creation- Candidate profiles are instantly created using their resume and other docs

Document Center
Alpha Hire’s Document Center allows you to easily manage all important documents related to your candidates and suppliers. Manage background checks, drug checks, and immigration status all from one location for your candidates. Also track suppliers’ credentials by keeping up on their qualifications, insurance, and more. .
Smart BI/ Analytics
Data is constantly flowing through your system and Alpha Hire puts your data to work in the most intuitive way possible. Through our Smart BI/ Analytics you can get a graphical top down view of your business’ efficiency. View open jobs, no submissions, number of submissions, interviews, and placements by client. Keep track of recruiter/supplier efficiency with submission time reports. Alpha Hire includes 20+ reports at no additional cost to you.
Automatic Invoicing
Once time cards are scraped from the VMS systems or manually entered, Alpha Hire uses this data to automatically create invoices. Avoid back and forth accounting work between businesses. Once the Invoices are posted in the system suppliers and clients can approve/reject them right from Alpha Hire’s interface. Whether you pay weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly Alpha Hire can be customized to fit your workflow along with your clients’ pay schedule. .
Calendar Integration
Create events within Alpha Hire such as interviews, phone calls, or meetings. These events automatically get placed in your Gmail or Outlook Calendar. This task management feature allows you to keep uniform data in the system and out so you never miss an important task.
Automatic Notifications
Auto Notifications is another way Alpha Hire keeps you efficient. Auto Notifications can be set up in the form of email and/ or text message. As soon as Recruiters are assigned a job they receive email notifications of their assignment. Once they make a submission, Account Managers receive an email to review that submission thus allowing you to submit candidates to a client quicker and with less idle time.
Mobile Functionality
Alpha Hire gives Account Managers and other Administrators the ability to approve/reject time cards from any mobile device. Rather than having to login to the system from a computer, we have developed the functionality to review time cards right from your smart phone.
Supplier Portal
Avoid confusing emails and phone calls by allowing suppliers to make submissions right through Alpha Hire’s system. Suppliers have a unique login that allows them to only see jobs assigned to them and make submissions against those requirements. They can also view the statuses of their submissions as soon as their candidates are reviewed.
System Permissions
With many different user configurations, Alpha Hire allows you to strictly control who has access to what features and data. Configurable roles allow you to make users and assign permissions based on your workflow.

Example Configuration:

1 Super Admin - Define permissions, roles, and fields; View all data, reports, and job orders
2 Admin - View reports, job orders, log in as supplier or recruiter
5 Account Managers -
Approve time cards, assign jobs to suppliers and recruiters
15 Recruiters - View assigned jobs and make submissions against requirements
Free Upgrades
Because Alpha Hire is 100% Cloud Based, you receive upgrades and updates automatically. We are constantly seeking to improve our system, and we will systematically update Alpha Hire with our latest features and content.
We know your candidate database and work data are very important to you and it is essential this information remains confidential and secure. We set up separate databases for every client and have security measures to insure maximum safety and privacy. Your data belongs to you and if you ever decide to switch systems, we will provide your data to you in an easy to transfer format and remove it from our servers.